Improve Your Site’s Click Through Rate with These Techniques

Posted on Sep 26 2018 - 6:09am by Ceybizlanka

Click Through Rate on a smartphone screenOne of the things your site needs to achieve is to get as many organic clicks as possible. The rate is part of the reason your website succeeds or fails. Boosting this metric allows you to funnel more visitors through the sales process.

Experts on internet marketing from Singapore cite the following proven techniques that improve click through rates.

Well-Written Meta Descriptions

This is a brief summary of the content of your website; this preview can either pique the curiosity of those that read them or make them decide to look elsewhere. A well-written gist will entice a potential visitor enough to click.

Make the text as descriptive and precise as possible; get straight to the point and mention how clicking can solve a person’s problems or at least give them more information.

Use a Descriptive URL

The URL is another part of a website where you can integrate the keywords on your list. For example, if you have multiple products and services within your site, it helps to break these down into main and subcategories.

Doing so, allows you to reach a potential customer at different stages of the sales process. You can address their immediate needs and lead them towards conversion.

Identify Long Tail Keywords

General terms generate traffic, but this approach is chaotic and relies too heavily on chance. Narrow your keywords to long tail ones to meet a potential customer at various stages of the sales funnel. The more specific their search is, the less convincing you need to do to convert them.

Visual Marketing

Images and video snippets should part of any current online marketing campaign. Both mediums deliver the message you want to passive consumers. You can display emotions, set a tone, discuss the advantages of a product and connect with users on a personal level.

These click through strategies boost this rate and increases the possibility of converting a visitor. Implement these to get the results you want and gain a competitive advantage.