Techniques Guaranteed to Boost Your Website’s Speed

Posted on Oct 19 2018 - 3:25am by Ceybizlanka

website trafficThere are various methods now used for search engine optimization. Organic SEO which encompasses all natural on-page processes which boost your web page’s rank remains the best technique. It is cost-efficient, gives you access to credible online traffic and is ideal for both paid and unpaid searches.

Many experts say that one of the on-page factors of organic SEO services that matter to your website is the loading speed. Slow loading sites drive away clients, and they also rank low on search engines. Though website speed optimization techniques have been around for ages, the following are the latest methods to speed up your website.

Browser Caching

This is a process focused on the storage of static files including CSS files, JavaScript, HTML documents and media files. Browser caching will make files easier to access since they don’t need to be retrieved every time. The data will be downloaded and stored on their hard drive in a cache. It can reduce loading times for users.

Upgrade Your Web Hosting

Most startups choose shared web hosting because it is inexpensive and affordable. As your business grows, however, you need to upgrade your web hosting. Increased online traffic will slow down website loading speed if you are still on a shared platform. Depending on your and budget, you can get VPS or a dedicated website hosting.

Gzip Compression

This alternative will reduce your files’ sizes before they are sent to the browser. GZip compression will hence reduce your HTTP requests and as a result your server’s response periods. Your clients have to unzip these compacted files to access its contents.

User experience remains the most important SEO ranking factors. Using the techniques above to speed up your website is guaranteed to boost user experience and reduce bounce rates. The optimized speed will also keep clients on your site and persuade them to invest in your services and products.