The 411 on Dropshippers

Posted on Jun 4 2013 - 2:42am by Ceybizlanka

The global market is like the universe; it expands. And as it expands, people keep looking for ways to attract diverse customers. Drop shipping has become of one of the most useful techniques business innovators have come up with during the past decade. One can say that the drop shipping industry climbed to its glory because of pioneers like eBay and relative websites.

What exactly is it?

In business language, drop shipping is a technique in which the retailer doesn’t actually stock goods, but instead transfer orders and shipment information from customers to either a wholesaler or manufacturer. It’s the manufacturer or the wholesaler who ships the product to the customers. This setup makes many online retailers act as middlemen between the client and supplier.

For instance, you ordered some items for your dogs from pet supply dropshippers. The store owner will then contact the supplier or manufacturer for your order details and they will directly send you your order.

How did it become popular?

The industry of drop shipping became popular in the ‘90s and the decade following it, as the Internet lost its novelty and became accessible to everyone. Businesses online found it easier to reach customers and clients. With this, opportunities for being an intermediary between the consumer and the manufacturer became easier.

Many enterprising website owners saw the opportunity to build their own ecommerce sites and sell virtually anything. To keep their costs low, they partner with dropshippers and only pay for the items they sell. They don’t need to buy stocks and don’t have to worry about shipping and deliveries. The dropshippers will take care of those.

What products can be found on drop shipping websites?

An online retailer can find virtually everything they need from drop shipping websites. There can even be online auctions. Online shoppers can bid for the items through the retailer’s site, and the supplier will deliver it to the highest bidder. Customers won’t even have to know the retailer is only acting as middle man for a third party supplier.

There’s also this trend in the industry called private level drop shipping. In this setup, the manufacturer creates a customized item for a retailer and drop ships it to the buyers. Items may range from simple key chains to mugs.

Ecommerce site operators may find everything they need from dropshippers. Even pet stores can launch a store online and get supplies from pet products dropshippers.

Indeed, drop shipping has become a breakthrough in the industry of marketing and logistics. Those who may be interested in starting their own online store can visit this link.