Fitter Body: Another Reason to Ditch Fizzy Drinks for Water

Posted on Jan 16 2015 - 2:32am by Ceybizlanka

waterMany scientific probes, most notably that study conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggest that drinking water can help you get rid of those extra pounds. It looks like you’ve got another reason to replace your sodas and diet fluids with this simple drink.

Before reading through the entire article, manage your expectations first. This post doesn’t claim that drinking water can shed those unwanted pounds. In general, it aims to inform you that water only aids you in reducing weight—although in small increments at a time.

Here are some insights that will help you understand how water is important in shedding unwanted weight:

The Science Behind it

Water basically improves metabolism. In layman’s vernacular, metabolism encompasses chemical reactions that are essential for the survival of the cells in your body. It includes the breakdown of carbohydrates in your system. With the help of water, metabolic rate becomes faster. This means that your body burns carbs more easily.

Water also helps in controlling your cravings. There are times when you mistake thirst for hunger. During these situations, a glass of water can help you determine if you really want to eat or just quench of thirst. Regular drinking of water can make you feel energized, thus keeping you away from carbohydrate-rich picker-uppers.

How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water

First, mind the quality of water you’re taking in. If you want to drink more soft water, Salt Lake City has many companies that provide water filters. Make it a point to gulp water every two hours.

To make drinking more interesting, you may go for fresh fruits first. They’re also a good source of this fluid. Fruits, like apples, cantaloupes, and watermelons, have high liquid content that can boost your water intake. Count soups and hot drinks as sources of water.

These are only some of the things you need to remember if you want to keep in shape. Most importantly, consult your doctor or nutritionist before going for any type of diet.