Pieces of Advice for Those Itching to Cure Jock Itch

Posted on May 14 2013 - 11:51am by Ceybizlanka

Jock itch is a notorious fungal skin infection. This disease targets your groin and upper thighs, which are problematic areas to get itchy. No one is safe from jock itch, but the usual victims are adult males, diabetics, and people with poor immune system.

Although jock itch can heal on its own, it’s best to know how to prevent and deal with it properly and don’t wait for nature to take its course. Canesten, one of the market leaders for treatment of dermatological fungal infections in the world, shares some tips to save you from the discomfort and embarrassment brought by jock itch.

Keep Skin Hygiene in Check

Keep your skin clean and dry. Shower daily and wash your groin and upper thigh areas thoroughly to prevent the growth of fungi and to maintain sweat-free skin. Use a dry, clean towel after taking a bath. Powder your genitals with hygienic powder products after showering to stay dry all day long.

Change with clean clothes regularly to stay away from microbes. Washing athletic supporters and underwear are effective ways to stop this skin infection from coming back. Never share clothes with others, especially if you’re unsure of their hygiene practices.

Wear the Right Clothes

Do not wear tight or restrictive clothing to avoid trapping heat and moisture in your groin and thigh areas. Moisture and heat can create an ideal breeding ground for jock itch. Put on loose clothing to allow the air to enter and give your groin area some breathing room.

Use Home Remedies

Get some relief from jock itch with kitchen items. Applying crushed garlic directly to the affected area can help control the spread of fungi and get some brief relief from itch and pain. Pure honey has an inhibitory effect to fungi to stop their growth. Onions are rich with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties to treat jock itch. Apply onion paste, juice, or oil to the infected area and rinse it thoroughly with tepid water after half an hour.

Treat Other Skin Infections

Cure skin infections immediately with an anti-fungal cream. The fungi from ringworm or athlete’s foot can crawl to the groin area and start jock itch. Read the instructions on the package carefully and apply the cream until all signs of the infection are gone.

Stay healthy and comfortable without jock itch. Thanks to companies like Canesten, everyone can get relief from different kinds of skin infection. Visit canesten.com.my for more information.