Designing the Ultimate Workshop

Posted on Aug 15 2018 - 1:07am by Ceybizlanka

a man listing equipmentWhether you’re redesigning an existing workshop or planning your very first workshop layout and set up, it’s a good idea to start with a rational approach to come up with a functional and efficient design that will give you the best experience. Here are some considerations to help you realise the ultimate workshop you’ve always wanted.

Workshop Site Specifications

Starting with the proper specifications for your workshop site will save you time, energy and money in the long run. This will help you work faster and allow easier maintenance of your workshop area. Paint your walls, including your ceilings in a light colour to allow as much light to reflect and bounce off surfaces. This will minimise your lighting requirements and eye strain while working. For flooring, consider bare concrete and using a clear sealer or two-part epoxy floor coating to improve traction and light reflection. The sealed floors also make clean-ups faster and easier. For high traffic areas or beside work tables, install rubber mats to improve traction, reduce fatigue and prevent damage from dropped tools.

Storage and Organisational Tools

Don’t waste time in the workshop trying to find the various knick-knacks you need for a project. Make sure you have everything neatly stored and organised to help you get your projects done faster. Invest in a storage system where you could keep small items sorted out like nuts and bolts. Customise shelving units that fit your space to store various tools and its respective attachments.

Plan Out Circuit Breaker

Some power tools use up a lot of electricity and may trip the circuit in the workshop. To keep yourself safe while working, plan out your circuit breaker to separate the lighting in one branch and the power tools in another branch. Do not combine power tool outlets in the same line with the lighting power supply. This way, if a power tool trips, the lights stay on, so you don’t need to grope around dangerous tools to get the power back on.

Starting with a well-thought-out design for your workshop will bring about the best crafting experience. Try these design recommendations when redesigning or constructing your workshop.