Emergency Jobs Require the Right Work Clothes to Ensure Safety

Posted on May 26 2017 - 5:38am by Ceybizlanka

Proper Work ClothingHighway and bridge construction, along with other industrial jobs often require taking precautionary measures to prevent any untoward incident. This is the reason why new workers are often required to undergo training and orientation seminars to apprise them of the risks associated with their jobs.

They are also given high visibility gear and clothing allowing them to be seen by others, thereby minimising the risk of untoward incidents that can cause injuries. What are some of these gear and clothing?

High Visibility Clothing

One of the most important stuff that a construction or industrial factory workers should put on is clothing that somehow announces their presence to others. Such high visibility clothing can be seen whether it is daytime or nighttime.

Since some construction or factory work is expected to extend well into the night, they are designed to work even in in low light conditions. This is to ensure that they will be seen by others who are also operating in the same area, or by motorists in the case of road and bridge construction.

High Visibility Overalls

High visibility overalls function in the same manner that common workwear ​hi-vis clothing allows workers to be noticed immediately. The difference is that this type of work clothes is designed to protect construction or factory workers from minor abrasions or scratches when performing a particular task. They also provide a soothing heat to employees who work during the early morning hours when the temperature condition is a bit chilly.

Hooded Jackets

Weather conditions can sometimes be quite unpredictable. You may be experiencing clear skies one moment then a downpour may suddenly occur. To minimise the risk of workers getting sick because of the rain, they are also equipped with hooded Sherpa lined jackets. This gear helps protect them from a sudden downpour and the cold.

Hard Hats With Hi Vis Neck Flaps

Whether they are performing task indoors or outdoors, construction and some factory workers are required to use hard hats with hi-vis neck flaps. This protects them from injury against falling objects, while the neck flaps help others see them better even in areas where there is insufficient light. Hard hats belong to PPE, defined by Safe Work Australia, personal protective equipment, which could be anything that minimises a worker’s injury.

There are many other gears available for use by construction and factory workers to minimise their risk of injuries. These include gloves, hi vis vest, safety gumboots, chainsaw protection clothing, and much more. In many cases, these protective and high visibility clothing have saved many workers from various types of injuries.

So if you are working in the construction or is an owner of a construction company, you should consider getting these high vis gears and workwear. Doing so can save your limb and life.