Encouraging Environment-Friendly Ways to Commute to Work

Posted on Oct 8 2018 - 9:54am by Ceybizlanka

a black businessman riding the subway trainPerhaps more than the individuals, companies—big or small—must do their part to save the planet. And one simple way they can do this is to help reduce carbon emissions by encouraging their employees to take more environment-friendly modes of everyday transport.

Encourage Walking

Walking is a great form of exercise. Whenever possible, it is also a very environmentally friendly, not to mention cost-effective, method to get to and from work. To encourage employees to travel on foot, companies can implement a less strict dress code and allow their employees to wear clothing, say casual, that will be more suitable for walking. Providing lodgings near the workplace or even on the office premises can also make employees walk to work.

Encourage Cycling

More energy-efficient than walking, riding a bicycle is another eco-friendly means of commuting to work. As such, office parking lots should be for not only cars but also bikes to encourage employees to cycle. Office bicycle parking facilities, which can be set up by bike shelter manufacturers, should be secure and fully equipped. Employers can also further promote cycling by providing bikes that employees can use for free while working for their companies.

Encourage Carpooling

If using cars cannot really be avoided, carpooling is the more environment-friendly way to go about it. Companies can encourage carpooling by giving a fuel allowance to employees who ride to work together. Better yet, employers can provide the carpool or even shuttle services themselves for the convenience of their employees. And to make a stronger impact on the environment, companies should also recommend the use of hybrid or electric vehicles.

Because of their resources and influence, companies are in a great position to help the environment. And they can start by encouraging their employees to take more eco-friendly ways to go to work every day.