How Industrial Doors Help Australian Warehouses

Posted on Oct 10 2018 - 1:00am by Ceybizlanka

Industrial doors for warehousesCommercial property owners in Australia shouldn’t have to spend a lot on improving the sustainability of their properties, particularly for reducing emissions and conserving energy.

For instance, new industrial folding doors on the market have been designed to control energy consumption for warehouses. These same doors also protect stored products, while making it easier for employees to move items in and out of the building.

Green Consciousness

The push to become a green property owner stems from the rising consciousness among tenants and prospective buyers. Building owners know that their property will be in demand if it has facilities that complement its sustainability. Net-zero emissions and solar power technology are among these features.

A green rating such as one from the National Australian Built Environment Rating System will also help in increasing a commercial property’s appeal. Some companies like GPT Wholesale Office Fund have aimed to have net-zero buildings by 2020 for its office portfolio in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Toyota Australia has also embarked on its own sustainability strategy through its solar-powered warehouse in Sydney.

Solar Energy

Toyota’s investment in solar power reflects the growing trend among different companies that use sunlight to reduce their electricity bills. The Japanese carmaker, however, might be part of the minority in the industry since property developers are mostly the ones with investments in solar energy.

Those who have invested in solar power generation include Lendlease, which installed solar panels over 6,000 square metres in Sydney. Vicinity Centres didn’t arrive late to the party, as it has begun to invest $50 million for the installation of solar power at 17 of its shopping malls in the country.

There are different ways for buildings to become more energy-efficient and achieve net-zero status. Some of them are as simple as switching to a new industrial door, while other strategies require careful planning. How do you plan to improve your property’s sustainability?