Making the Most Out of a Company Outing

Posted on Oct 22 2018 - 6:43am by Ceybizlanka

Company OutingPlanning the entire trip for your company can be a little chaotic. You need time to prepare to make sure everything goes smoothly. You need to choose a theme, draft a program, find a venue and facilitate the activities. But seminars, workshops, and training sessions serve a purpose.

Why Hold Company Gatherings?

Team Morale

Your staff has been working about 40-45 hours a week. They have been spending most of their time in front of their desk. For sure, they are feeling restless or agitated. A company outing is an excellent opportunity for them to relax and improve morale and motivation.


Teambuilding activities can teach them how to work together as a team. This can be effective, especially if you have multiple departments in the office. In a study conducted by Queens University of Charlotte, 3 out of 4 employees rate teamwork and collaboration as an essential aspect in a company.

Connections and Friendship

A company outing is also a good opportunity for your staff to build a strong friendship and connection with their colleagues. Having more friends in the office can improve the work environment. Connections make it easier for them to enjoy their work and be more productive.


Another reason to hold company outing events is to stir up the creativity of their employees. Sometimes, people need a break from the regular office routine. Company outings can help them inspire ideas. In a study reported by the Harvard Business Review, breaks allow people to improve their thought processes. Having regular breaks also make them more decisive too.

Where to Start?

Have a meeting to make a plan.

Gather volunteers to get different ideas and feedback from your team. You can also start assigning committees for each critical task. Get everyone on board and decide on the theme of the event.

Plan for the logistics.

Make a detailed checklist of everything you need for the event. Coordinate with team committees and start looking for suppliers. Some of the essential things you need to prioritize are the venue, food, and transportation. You should hire premium car transport services so your staff can reach the destination as relaxed as possible.

Create a Balanced Program and Activities.

Start drafting a program and the activities. The activities should be set in a way that balances training, fun, networking, and relaxation. Set a schedule and make sure to discuss the details with the venue, the organizers, and the wait staff. Contact the location manager to see if their accommodations could meet your requirements.

Make it an exciting announcement.

Send invitations to your staff. Encourage their participation and entice them with a relaxing weekend that is also productive. Some may not be encouraged to join at all, but these are the people you need to entice more as the activities can create a stronger bond between them and their colleagues.

Planning a company gathering is a big undertaking, but many companies and businesses do it to show how much they value their staff’s morale and input in the company’s growth.