Storage and Organisation Hacks to Reclaim Your Garage Space

Posted on Aug 16 2018 - 7:56pm by Ceybizlanka

Empty car garage interiorYour garage can mean many things to your family. It can be your workshop, mudroom, storage shed or a catchall for your excesses. With so many uses for the garage, things can quickly overwhelm the space and make it unusable for its intended purpose–for parking your car. Try these space-saving organisation hacks to help you reclaim garage space.

Vertical Storage Strategies

Get your stuff off the floor to make room for the car. Consider vertical storage strategies like the use of slatwall panels and peg boards where you can hang tools and accessories. Hang ladders, hoses and extension cords on walls as well to minimise clutter on the floors.

Ceiling Storage

Don’t forget to use the ceiling spaces too to keep items off the floor. Install ceiling tracks where you can slide in oversized bins to keep infrequently used items like beach and camping gears. Install a sturdy bike hook so you can hang bikes out of the way when not in use.

Outdoor Storage Spaces

Consider storing items outside of the garage if they’re not really needed inside. For example, create an outdoor tool shed for gardening equipment. This allows easier access when gardening and frees up much-needed space for your car. You can also create and place a locker by the porch to store protective gear, sports equipment, and outdoor toys. Again, this frees up more space in the garage. Just make sure you create a weatherproof system that can be secured with a lock.

You don’t need to sentence your car to be parked outdoors for all eternity. Try out these clever space-saving hacks to reclaim your garage space to park your car in.