Create an Advantage with Online Product Positioning

Posted on Oct 16 2017 - 8:26pm by Ceybizlanka

Businessman writing his marketing strategyPositioning is an old strategy employed by traditional media for decades it has now transitioned to digital. This approach allows you to create value for your customers and differentiate your products and services from the competition, despite similarities in benefits and features.

Experts from many Melbourne digital agencies cite the following ways you can improve your product and brand positioning online.

Focus on Your Main Selling Points

It's easy to fall into the trap of a price war with your competitors. In such cases, no one really wins because of the shrinking profit margin because of discounted prices. Avoid this strategy and focus on the advantages and value you provide your target market. Doing so enables you to distinguish your products from the competition.

What you need to show customers is the value in choosing your brand. Show them that you are the solution to their problems and that you care about their concerns. Choose a unique selling proposition, which is one or at most two benefits. Focusing on one or two makes you easier to remember when a customer begins the shopping process.

Use the Appropriate Keywords

Identifying which features and benefits you want to highlight is the first step, the next one is to use the right set of keywords to support these. You want your potential customers to find your products easily each time they make a query. Use branded search terms for people who already know what they want and long tail keywords for those who need more information and convincing.

Social Proof Matters

Gain the trust of your intended customers by providing them with social proof. Include evidence of your claims such as reviews by third parties, case studies, or mentions from experts or industry leaders on your website. Integrate social sharing buttons on your pages for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other platforms appropriate for your niche. This makes it easier for visitors to share and recommend your brands in their networks.

These product positioning strategies enable you to reach a wider audience effectively and improve your brand’s overall image. Implement these to gain a competitive advantage and rise up the rankings within your niche.