Top 3 Techniques to Identify Your Target Market

Posted on Nov 2 2017 - 1:00am by Ceybizlanka

Target audience concept shotAre you wondering why your marketing campaigns are not delivering the results you want? One of the reasons this may be the case is you targeted the wrong audience. A scattershot approach to advertising — to as many people as possible — will no longer work. People can simply turn off ads that pop-up on their screens. You need to narrow your market to a niche of potential customers who will likely convert.

Advertising agencies in Canberra list the following techniques on how you can identify a specific audience for your brand.

What Does Your Product Solve?

Markets are looking for solutions and answers to their questions. If you fill that need or want, you will be able to have a stable source of income. Analyse the products and services you offer — identify its pros and cons, which demographic it attracts the most, and which features customers like best. When you understand your offerings, it is easier to make improvements, remove negative aspects of it, and formulate a brand message that works.

Identify the solutions your products and/or services provide and you will be able to focus on branding, creating positive perceptions and associations, and funnelling people who are likely to make a purchase.

Analyse Your Customer Base

There is a reason certain groups keep buying your products and patronising your services, even if you cannot expand to other markets. Some businesses fail to take care of their core customers and end up alienating them with gimmicks and all sorts of campaigns, thus eroding their value proposition and potential income. Study your loyal consumers and determine what makes them choose your brand again and again.

Study the Competition

You must also study the moves and strategies of your closest competitors to determine the market you should target. Doing so allows you to gain ground or maintain your position ahead of them. This approach also enables you to improve your products and services, or change your strategy to better reach your intended audience.

These are some of the techniques that enable you to identify your target audience. A focused marketing strategy towards a certain group allows you to send a clear brand message and value proposition.