Effective Defenses if You are Accused of Domestic Violence by Your Spouse

Posted on Nov 7 2018 - 1:00am by Ceybizlanka

Domestic Violence ConceptThere are various legal grounds for divorce in different states. One of the grounds for divorce among all states is domestic violence. There are times you and your spouse might have heated arguments and sometimes these turn into physical altercations.

The penalties for a domestic violence conviction impact your life far after your divorce is complete. As such, getting a defense attorney from a Kent firm is essential if your spouse accuses you of domestic violence as the basis of your divorce.

There are several defenses the attorney might recommend for your case. The following are the most efficient ones to get you an acquittal.

False accusation

It is common for an angry spouse to falsely accuse the other of violence to get them into trouble. Your attorney can recommend using a false accusation defense for your case if this is the situation. You should, however, prove that your accuser has some ill motivation to falsely accuse you for the defense to be efficient.


If somebody attacks you, it is only natural to defend yourself. In the face of domestic violence accusations, a self-defense strategy necessitates proof that your accuser struck you first. You should also reasonably prove that you believed you were in imminent threat and your actions were justifiable in the situation.

Lack of evidence

Most domestic violence cases rely on the accusers’ word, and it is hard to get direct proof of the violence. You can use the lack of evidence defense for your case to get the charges dismissed or sometimes reduced. This strategy is, however, generally used in conjunction with other defenses.

Domestic violence is currently at an all-time high, and many governments are now fighting it. This has sometimes led to the wrongful convictions of many people who have been falsely accused by malicious spouses. With a good defense strategy from the above and an experienced attorney, you can now get an acquittal.