Privacy Policy

CeyBizLanka does not collect your private information when you visit our site except if you willingly provide it. We do not sell, exchange, or share your personal information to third parties without your approval.

Your Personal Details

CeyBizLanka will only collect the personal information you willingly provide with the following:

-sending e-mails

-filling out membership forms

-signing up for accounts

-responding to surveys

-purchasing merchandise

We will use that information to answer your queries, reply to your request or orders, and send you regular updates. These include future activities, programs, membership and development opportunities, brand-new products, and special functions that might fascinate you. We may share personal information to third parties that offer several services on our behalf, but they cannot use that information for various other purposes.

Information Collected and Stored Automatically

When you browse through our site, we automatically collect and save the following information:

-Your computer system’s IP address

-The domain name you use to access the Internet

-The type of web browser and OS used to access our website

-The date and time you access our website

-The pages, files, documents, and links that you explore

-The Internet address of the site from which you linked to this website


We use cookies to keep track of usage patterns, traffic trends, and consumer behavior. We base the improvements we make on the results provided by these cookies. We will use the information collected from cookies only in aggregate form.

You can set your web browser to reject cookies from any site that you visit. If you choose to do so, you can still gain access to most pages of the CeyBizLanka’s website, but you may lose the chance to benefit from the interactive elements offered.

Kids and Privacy

CeyBizLanka does not collect personal information from children. We only collect the information of visitors aged 13 and up.


We make sure all credit card transactions that take place on our website are secure. We use “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) encryption to protect your credit card information. We also make sure that our website is available to all users all the time. We can record unauthorized access to our website. Any offense is punishable by law.


CeyBizLanka is not liable for the privacy policies of other websites linked to our website. We encourage that you check those websites’ privacy policy for your reference and protection.