Benefits of Using Underground Cables

Posted on Jun 16 2016 - 3:00am by Ceybizlanka

Underground CablesOverhead power lines are typically more economical than the underground cables. However, they are susceptible to debris, high-speed winds, thunderstorms and heavy ice loading from extreme weather conditions. The damage caused by these factors, some are extreme and cannot be restored easily and the cost of repairing these physical damages can be very expensive.

These long power time outages and catastrophes are also associated with tangible and intangible impacts resulting from the lost economic activity. To get the best quality electrical transmission cables and electrical terminals, always consult experts for a clear guide to choosing the best.

These are some advantages of using underground electric cables:

Fewer cable repairs

 Underground cables are well protected from the extreme factors that widely affect overhead cable lines. When underground cables are properly installed can last for years without getting any damage and are able to resist insulation deterioration.

Low maintenance cost

The maintenance cost associated with underground cables is generally low compared to overhead cables. Overhead lines need regular checkups due to many factors like the wind and thieves who vandalize these cables making them expensive to maintain.

Environmentally friendly

 All cables that are exposed produce electric emissions of electromagnetic fields. Underground cables are environmentally friendly because the electromagnets they produce cannot reach our environment due to the shielding provided by the earth surrounding the cables.

Very safe

This cable installation method is very safe because it poses no danger to the low flying aircraft, it is significantly safe as there is no shock hazard to humans and to the wildlife making it safe for power transmission in any environment.

Requires little space

Underground cables require a narrower surrounding space to install while the overhead cables need a wide area to be kept permanently clear for safety, maintenance, and repair.

Underground cable installation method is the most appropriate for a long safe electric transmission.