Diving as a Profession: Types of Commercial Diving

Posted on Apr 22 2016 - 1:00am by Ceybizlanka

Commercial DivingFor most people, diving is simply a type of sport. Some even think that this activity is only for the rich who would like to do it as a hobby. But the truth is there’s more to diving than just enjoying the beautiful things underwater. Do you know anyone who works as a commercial diver? You may not be familiar with this, but many diving enthusiasts choose to use their skills to work for commercial diving companies.

Different branches cover a diver’s job. If you want to familiarize yourself with commercial diving, here are some of its types:

  • Scientific diving

Some divers are scientists who study underwater species and conduct experiments. The government and other organizations use their outputs for research and application.

  • Offshore diving

The job calls for exploring and maintaining oil platforms and building underwater structures used in the production of oil and gas. Divers work over 12 hours depending on the task to be done. In general, the work is very demanding and considered the most dangerous diving job.But it gives divers the chance to travel abroad.

  • Onshore diving

The job handles engineering projects. Divers help build bridges and dams. They also assist in recovering capsized boats during storms. The job is not as demanding as offshore diving because divers go home after work.

  • HAZMAT diving

This is more dangerous compared to other commercial diving jobs. HAZMAT divers recover bodies and lost objects, repair pipelines, inspect water treatment and oil spills, etc. They are always at risk of getting diseases; that’s why they observe safety measures and contingency plans should they encounter a problem underwater.

  • Naval diving

Commercial divers can also do underwater welding and inspect and clean water vessels like ships and boats. They also help recover the underwater wreckage of crashed planes and ships.

  • Media diving

This job calls for underwater filming and photography. Some professional divers are cinematographers or photographers who plan, prepare the equipment, and capture the shots required of their films.

Diving is truly more than just a hobby or a fun activity. It can be a tough profession too. You might even work with a professional diver for some personal needs.