Life on the Runway: What Aspiring Models can Learn from Miranda Kerr

Posted on Feb 10 2015 - 12:00am by Ceybizlanka

beautiful teen modelA mother, a model, and a fashion icon—Miranda Kerr seems to be the epitome of your all-around 21st century woman. Amid her busy schedule of juggling runway shows, attending photo shoots, and caring for her tot Flynn, the 31-year old Australian model still has the time to maintain her stunning physique.

With her down-to-earth personality and girl-next-door charm, Kerr has not only won the attention of cameras, but also the hearts of aspiring models., a Perth-based agency for scene models, states that most of today’s advertising firms are looking for fresh-faced talents like Kerr. This explains why many talents are following the footsteps of Victoria’s Secret’s A-list model.

If you’re set on pursuing a career in modelling and aim to be like Miranda Kerr one day, here are some of her tried and tested beauty secrets:

Don’t Follow the Trend—Set It

Kerr seems to always have a stunning outfit planned out every time she goes out—from play dates with her adorable son to business meetings with fashion representatives. While others follow what’s hot for the season, the Australian model makes her own fashion by taking a key statement piece and creating an ensemble around it for her daily wear. In one interview, she explains that planning her outfit the evening before is her secret to maintaining her confidence and avoiding last minute fashion disasters.

Find Your Inner Peace

The life of a supermodel can get hectic, but the beauty from the Land Down Under has her ways of keeping away the stress. Kerr’s favourite workout includes Yoga and Pilates, which allow her to meditate, clear her mind, and stay in good shape. If you want to keep the positive energy flowing and maintain that gorgeous body, this workout routine is another thing to add to your list.

Choose What You Eat

It doesn’t hurt to be a picky eater. In Kerr’s case, her healthy diet of organic food has turned out well. Eating foods rich in anti-oxidant and drinking plenty of water are some of her recommendations. While you need to watch your diet, Kerr says it’s fine to indulge occasionally. You don’t have to deprive yourself; just know what’s good for you.

For Miranda Kerr, life is all about moving forward—both in career and personal life. With the fast-paced lifestyle of an A-list model, you might not always have the time to dwell on the past and fret about the future. In her words, “All we have is now. Be grateful and be present. Live a lifetime in every minute.”