Why Your House Seems to Lack Space All of a Sudden

Posted on Mar 10 2016 - 5:01am by Ceybizlanka

House Construction in UtahWhen you first moved into your house, it was everything you wanted it to be: the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms; the right sizes of every area; some extra space in the yard for whatever you wanted to do there in the future, and many more. Now it’s the family’s getting a little bigger and the house doesn’t seem to have enough space.

It’s not just that families get bigger as time goes by. They also accumulate lots of things. The lone pair of shoes gives way to four more for every member of the family; that trip to the big box store sale that led to more trinkets that you would actually use or have room for; that massage chair that looked like a good idea when you were ordering it from Home TV Shopping. At some point, the house will have too much inside and no more space left to move.

Open Up a Space

Maybe it’s time for a little remodeling. At least open up some of the spaces and make more room. The best area for remodeling is the kitchen. And to make it wider, remove the walls that separate it from the other areas of the house, like the dining area or even the living room. Open kitchen designs are in nowadays. Industry professional Greene’s Construction suggests finding a professional contractor to do the remodeling and wall sawing.

Get Rid of Your Unused Stuff

To create room to move, free up an extra room, or make everything just look refreshing and not cramped, give up some of the things you don’t need. The rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it for at least a year, chances are you’re never going to use it again. Give it up and see how your house will seem to open up once again. Organize a yard sale and price everything really, really cheap.

Put the things that are not likely to sell in a box marked “Free” and let people take them out of your hands. You can also donate some things to charity.

There are ways to make more room in your home if you’re willing to spend time and perhaps some money on it. You can even use that yard to add an extension. All it takes is some creativity.