Car Wheel Up-Close: Learning the Structural Aspects of Automotive Wheels

Posted on Dec 13 2015 - 1:00am by Ceybizlanka

car wheel up-closeTires and wheels may seem like simple components of your car, but their purpose is more complex than you might think. Car tires and wheels are such essential parts of any vehicle because without them your vehicle can’t go anywhere. Understand how wheels work.


These are the structures between the plate and outer edge of your wheel. The purpose of spokes is to provide support to the outer edge of your tire, as well as reduce the weight ratio of your car as it runs. When it comes to choosing your wheels, take note of the strength and damage resistance of your spokes. The style or design of spokes is enough indication of whether you have a good one or not.

Center Bore

The center bore or the empty space on the back and front of your wheel is one of the most important structures on it. It helps center and balance your wheel properly on the hub of any vehicle. Pick wheels with center bore that perfectly matches your car and tire size to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience, and prevent damaging the lugnuts and wheels. Remember that choosing the wheel size is important, too. For instance, says American racing ATX series wheels come in sizes ranging from 18×9 to 15×10.

Valve Stem

This is the part of a wheel where you usually inflate and deflate your tire. Unlike the ones in a bicycle, a car’s valve stem has a mechanism which automatically closes and snaps in the admitted gas in your tire. Check this part of your wheel, because it basically protects the soul and life of your tire.

By now, you have a rough understanding of the structure and importance of every part of your wheel. It’s necessary that you understand them, so you can select a rim and tire that will best fit your car’s requirement.