Ensuring Worker Safety through Seminars

Posted on Dec 11 2014 - 2:21am by Ceybizlanka

worker safetyThe construction industry is booming. The various employment opportunities not only make career growth and stability possible, it also heightens awareness regarding work hazards. Maneuvering complex machines or simply wielding a hammer often involves serious injuries. Without proper training, even the most experienced mason or machine operator will be prone to accidents.

Seminars are still the best way to ensure worker safety, according to top rigging companies like ConsolidatedRiggingandLifting.com, and organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).Such is the only way to guarantee safe working conditions through set and enforced standards.

With extensive education and training like the following, a building project can be conducted with zero casualties.

Reporting and Personal Protection Seminar

Participants in this seminar first learn about reporting and record keeping. This is to ensure workers are familiar with and understand the OSHA health and safety standards and why the administration is authorized to conduct inspections in the workplace. They then study why hazard assessments are required in the workplace. They will then learn how to perform CPR, give first aid, and administer other health protection procedures.

Fall Protection Seminar

Climbing ladders and scaffolding is part of a construction worker’s daily life. Fall protection seminars focus on educating a worker on assessment terminologies and inspection guidelines. To ensure the scaffolding is built safely, participants wear fall protection equipment to facilitate hands-on experience prior to actual work. With hours of training, a worker will get used to wearing safety equipment and ensuring safety.

Rigging Seminar

This training opportunity educates workers on various types of rigging hardware and hook lifting devices. Cranes are necessary for carrying huge, heavy steel materials in building projects. This seminar teaches workers how to read rigging charts and how to determine load weight and center of gravity.

Electrical Hazard Seminar

It’s essential for every construction worker to learn the fundamentals of electricity. Electric-powered tools are common in a building site, and workers should know about safety equipment, protective clothing, and other skills for handling power tools and high-tension wires.

In this modern age, information and education are essential tools of trade. With advancing technologies in the industry, construction workers’ skills and knowledge should not be left behind. These seminars will help keep workers informed, thus ensuring that no one gets hurt in the workplace and that your building project will run on schedule.