Factors to Consider When Designing a New Logo

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 3:48am by Ceybizlanka

Designer designing a logo on her laptopDeveloping a logo design for your hotel is one way of promoting your brand identity and catching people’s attention. However, for it to have this impact, it has to have the following qualities:


A good logo should stick to people’s minds after a quick glance because a quick look is usually all you’re going to get. Your logo is the customer’s first impression of your establishment. Having a memorable one can help them remember your business instead of a competitors’ if they need to book a place to stay.


For your customers to remember your logo, it should be simply designed. This means that the best logos are simple. Therefore, ensure that your clients can recall your logo in the blink of an eye. You can make your logo design simple yet striking by using contrasting colors and simple shapes.


Your logo should be up to date on your customer’s aesthetic preferences. This, however, does not mean that your logo should be trendy. The disadvantage of having a trendy logo is that it will only last for a short period before it starts to look outdated. A modern logo should incorporate timeless design elements with contemporary spacing and lines. This allows you to update your logo in the future while still retaining its original character.

Finally, ensure that your design is innovative. This means that you should not go for a me-too kind of logo. It is vital to look for a unique design that will distinguish your products and services from the rest. A logo is a well-thought-out and functional signpost that lets people identify your hotel with ease.