Off-Road Misadventures: What to Do if Your 4×4 Breaks Down

Posted on Jan 29 2015 - 12:36am by Ceybizlanka

nitinut at freedigitalphotos.netThere are few things that sate our longing for adventure better than a thrilling ride in Australia’s outback, navigating the terrain with your trusty 4×4.
Sometimes, though, accidents happen. Your vehicle might get hopelessly stuck or broken down, leaving you completely stranded. What should you do to get out of this mess in one piece?

1. Don’t panic – Your situation is scary, but do not let it get to you. People make rash decisions when they are not thinking straight, and panicking won’t help in the least. Take a deep breath, and try to figure out where you are, and look for landmarks. These will come in handy while giving directions during the next step.

2. Call for help – Bring out the phone, and try to call a towing service. Bear in mind, though, that not every company has the equipment and experience to get you out of the bush. Before even leaving home, you should look for towers in your area that specifically include off road recovery in their services, like 131 TOW, and add them to your phone directory.

3. Prepare for the long haul – If you weren’t able to contact anyone, either due to lack of signal or a dead phone, you’ll have to wait until someone comes to look for you. Hopefully, you would have alerted people to where you were going, got yourself a personal locator beacon, and had the foresight to bring an emergency bag full of supplies. Even with that, though, be prepared to wait for a long time if you are far away from civilization.

4. Stay with the car – Even if you have to wait for several hours, resist the urge to wander off out of boredom. It is surprisingly easy to lose your way in Australia’s outback while on foot, and the last thing you want is to be stranded and lost, without any form of shelter. Unless you want to wind up on the evening news, avoid turning this into a situation that will require search and rescue parties.

Other than that, there is not much more you can really do. Almost everything that affects how well an emergency like this goes depends on your own preparations beforehand. With any luck, you will emerge from this relatively unscathed.

Look on the bright side; at least it will make for one fantastic story once you’re back in the office, right?