Some Points about Needles

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 7:17am by Ceybizlanka

needlesWhenever the conversation turns to long, pointy things, there are two schools of thought. According to the first, it’s not the size of the tool, but in how one uses it. Unfortunately, this is often very wrong, as the second opinion states there’s just no escaping the fact that some equipment just falls short of expectation, especially for embroidery needles.

Embroidery is oddly specific when it comes to the tools used; even the needles themselves have more in common with knives than other needles. The design on modern culinary equipment evolved from thousands of failed attempts at trying to cut different things people want to eat. Likewise, the design of needles evolved and adapted to the different materials people want to sew.

Fabrics may make up a significant majority of the garments people wear, but tailors still need to account for other things, such as leather and denim. Tougher materials need bigger needles that can pierce toughened hides without unnecessarily damaging the area surrounding the pierce point. But the same needles are inappropriate for soft fabrics, as their size would rip through the delicate material.

The incredible stock of knowledge about needles may be useless trivia to most people, but essential to any kind of business even remotely related to clothing. is a t-shirt embroidery service, and they display their needle knowledge as much as they can as a selling point to clients.

The surprising thing is, as most businesses use their knowledge on the product itself when making a pitch, it’s actually a breath of fresh air when a business talks about something else. The reason, according to experts, is that when somebody talks about the process instead of the product people feel they’re talking to someone who knows what they’re doing, instead of silver-tongued marketers.

In a way, it is about knowing how you use it that leads to success, which just goes to show how much embroidery can teach people about life.

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