Top 4 Considerations When Looking for Work Safety Boots

Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 3:02pm by Ceybizlanka

Construction worker complete with safety gearThe footwear industry presents a limitless range of available styles and designs. However, safety footwear raises a whole new set of rules altogether. Choosing work safety boots, for example, is less of an art and more of a science.

Due to its critical role, wearing safety boots has been a part of workplace regulations. In fact, companies that fail to provide safety boots or aren’t stringent about regulations regarding footwear compliance can face legal charges.

So, what is the most ideal safety boot? Comfort, support and protection: these are the three top features of effective and appropriate safety footwear.

To achieve this, keep in mind these four factors:

Slip resistance

A slippery sole is nothing but a deadly sole. The slip resistance of any sole varies according to the water and lubricants content on the floor, along with temperature. Make sure the sole is specially designed for your working environment.


Studies have shown that safety regulations compliance is better when employees love the personal protective equipment (PPE) they use. Personal satisfaction plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy safety attitude, and staff should choose work footwear in line with their style of choice.


Rugged and long-lasting should define the shoes worn by people who work with wet conditions, chemicals and sharp objects. Buying for durability also protects your investment and avoids costly replacements.


Ranging from protection against static dissipation and electric shock to preventing piercing from the bottom by sharp objects and impact on the toes, there is footwear for any hazard that you can think of.

There is no perfect footwear to protect against all kinds of injuries. Engineering and administrative controls should be in place to prevent the occurrence of hazards. And while you cannot rely on PPE alone fully for complete work safety, choosing the right work safety boots will considerably reduce risk of foot-related injuries.