Provoking No Robbers: Affordable Ways to Burglar proof Your Home When You’re Away

Posted on Oct 3 2014 - 8:27am by Ceybizlanka
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Every homeowner wants to make sure his properties are safe when he’s not at home. In Australia alone, more and more cases of residential break-ins and burglaries occur, and most of these crimes happened because of poor physical security.

roller shutterAs you can’t protect your house 100 percent of the time, it’s advisable to invest in sophisticated home security systems. But, if cost is a major issue for you, below are some simple, easy and cost-effective methods to protect your property:

Invest in Roller Shutter

Many companies sell roller shutters at affordable factory direct prices. These are great, as their thick foreboding aluminium over your windows and doors can put off any unwanted intruder to break into your house. This is because roller shutters act as a visual deterrent to possible burglars.

Buy Timer Lights

Though most thieves are committed during the day when houses are likely to be empty, they’re also constantly on the lookout for properties that appear vacant at night. Just like roller shutters, Perth residents believe that timer lights are also perfect deterrent against anyone who plans to break in. You can use them outside as perimeter lights with motion sensors on. While you’re away, you can also intermittently turn the timer on and off to give an impression that someone is at home.

Close Your Garage Door

It’s risky to rely solely on the electric garage door opener for security. Install a deadbolt on your garage door or use a special padlock if you’ll be away for extended periods. You can buy affordable locks at DIY stores.

Use a “Beware of Dog” Sign

Holidays and vacations are a great time for crooks. If you have a pet, you would either take it with you or have your relatives or close friends to look after it. Putting a “Beware of Dog” sign is enough warning to prevent possible burglars from breaking-in.

Fake Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras are a good way to outsmart those crooks. From afar, they look real to anyone looking to scope the area out.
Make break-ins impossible for thieves by following the above tips. Take action now to prevent big problems later.